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Ways to Stay Involved as a Dad-To-Be

Pregnancy is a life changing experience for both the mom and dad. Naturally, the mom experiences the changes with her body as the baby grows and develops. As a dad-to-be, you may be wondering what’s the best way to stay involved during this whole process. Here are a few ideas below:   5 Tips To … Continued

The Difference Between Perimenopause and Menopause

Menopause is a new phase of life that each woman navigates through. However did you know that there is a phase before menopause termed perimenopause? It is helpful to recognize and know the difference between the two phases. This knowledge will guide you on how best to care for your body during each phase. What … Continued

Reducing Stress during Pregnancy

  How Stress Affects Your Pregnancy   Stress causes your body to release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. This is a natural response to prepare the body for fight or flight. The hormones then dissipate and your body returns to its balanced state. However if your body is experiencing long-term or chronic stress, the … Continued

MonaLisa Touch – The Solution You Didn’t Know Existed

MonaLisa Touch may be the solution that you didn’t know existed     Menopause isn’t the only factor stacked up against vaginal health and the ability to enjoy intimacy. Cancer treatment or procedures such as an oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) also reduce estrogen levels, which in turn causes a decrease in tissue thickness and … Continued

Fibroids: 4 Facts to Know

Fibroids: 4 Facts to Know What are fibroids? Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in the uterine wall-the tissue around the womb. The size of fibroids can be anywhere from the size of a bean to the size of a melon. Here are 4 things to know about fibroids: 1. When Fibroids can develop. Growth … Continued

Am I At Risk For Gestational Diabetes?

  What is Gestational Diabetes? Gestational diabetes is a condition that can develop during pregnancy (gestation). Like Type 1 and 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes shifts how your cells use sugar (glucose). During pregnancy, the placenta releases hormones necessary for baby’s growth. These hormones can also block the action of the mother’s insulin, creating a condition … Continued

When Should I Schedule My First Gynocologist Appointment?

When Should I See a Gynecologist for the First Time? As females grow into teens and college-age students, it is important for them to receive the right health care. Gynocology is the study of medicine that specializes in women’s health, specifically that of the reproductive system. Many doctors, including both Dr. Biggs and Dr. Cohn, … Continued

How Can I Get Better Sleep While Pregnant?

Getting better sleep while pregnant Restful sleep throughout your pregnancy can be difficult. Each trimester there are things that make quality sleep tricky as your body makes room for a growing baby. Below are some tips to help you get a restful night’s sleep throughout your pregnancy, trimester-by-trimester. First Trimester Nausea. Morning sickness is not just … Continued

What Causes Female Incontinence?

What Causes Urinary Incontinence? Urinary incontinence commonly occurs with many women, yet is something not often talked about. Many may not be aware of the simple treatment options to improve their incontinence. Weight gain, injury, hormonal level changes or the natural aging process can cause urinary incontinence. Weakness in the pelvic floor muscles also can … Continued

Prenatal Vitamins: Should I take them before I am pregnant?

Prenatal Vitamins: Should I take them before I am pregnant?   Prenatal vitamins are one of the few supplements recommended by doctors across the board. There are several vital benefits to taking a prenatal vitamin daily. However, when should you start taking a prenatal vitamin? And what’s in a prenatal vitamin that makes it so … Continued