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Patient Payment

For Referring Physicians in Gillette, WY

As a referring physician, you’re an invaluable component of our care strategy. You know your patient best, and you have a thorough understanding that we depend on and which plays a significant role in our record of excellent outcomes.


We provide patients with the highest-quality care — that’s our promise.

Sending your patient to Summit OB/GYN will always reflect well on you. We pride ourselves on our compassion and quality of care. Also, we’re always happy to discuss our treatment and ongoing care strategies and capabilities. Please call if you have any questions, even if there isn’t a referral involved. We’re your resource for everything OB/GYN!


Rapid communication means better patient outcomes.

While caring for your patient, we’ll make sure you’re aware of the treatments and services we’re providing. Understanding your preferred communication style is the first step to a great relationship. Whether you prefer email, text message or a phone call, we’re happy to accommodate your preferences. If you reach out to us, we’ll respond quickly, and we’ll always follow our statements with the appropriate action. You’ll receive a report from our office after we see your patient, and we’re happy to schedule patients immediately.

For more information about our practice and referral processes, please call 307-682-6263.