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Summit OB/GYN’s Staff in Gillette, WY

Our outstanding staff members put in the extra effort to provide you with a great OB/GYN experience.

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Crystal Johnson, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse
Years of experience: 15

“My primary goals are to make patients feel comfortable and provide accurate information regarding their physical and mental health. Staying sensitive to patient needs allows me to build great rapport, which is necessary for providing excellent overall care.”

Courtney Goodnough

Registered Nurse
Years of experience: 7

“I became a nurse so that I could make a difference in people’s lives. Connecting with patients on an emotional level and helping them in emergency situations is extremely rewarding.”

Dion Riss

Registered Nurse
Years of experience: 17

“I seek out environments that are involved with helping others — it gives me energy and a sense of purpose. I interact with patients in a warm, welcoming way, and I strive to provide the highest level of care.”

Kalle “K.T.” Smith

Registered Nurse
Years of experience: 3

“Work shouldn’t even be called work at Summit OB/GYN. Interacting with patients and helping them transition to parenthood brings me daily satisfaction. I’m a planner, so I’m always well-prepared for each patient — which I believe is a fundamental aspect of first-rate care.”

Kayleigh Holbrook

Medical Assistant
Years of experience: 9

“I wanted to have a career that would be challenging yet completely rewarding. I wanted to be able to help people when they needed it most and for them to know that they were going to receive the care they needed. “

Chelsey Lemke

Practice Manager
Years of experience: 14

“Working at an OB/GYN clinic is so enjoyable — I love seeing men and women become fathers and mothers. I try to always make patients feel welcome and ensure they have a positive experience.”

Krystal Bauer

Registration Specialist
Years of experience: 6

“I am a people person who enjoys building long-term relationships with patients. I tend to form first-name relationships and always offer a positive attitude.”

Sami Melinkovich

Years of experience: 16

“Since I was 14 years old, I knew I wanted to be an ultrasonographer. My mother was pregnant with twins at the time, and I’d always accompany her to ultrasound appointments. Seeing the babies moving and changing inside her was amazing. I love my job — I’m constantly learning and I get enormous satisfaction out of helping physicians provide patients the best possible care.”

Kelsey Kinney

Years of experience: 7

“I was compelled to become an ultrasonographer by the idea of helping others through an exciting time in their life. I love hearing about our patient’s babies, and I always try to be positive and listen closely to each individual’s concerns.”

Cherie Brady-Martin

Medical Laboratory Technician
Years of experience: 40+

“I like the balance of scientific lab work and patient interaction that comes with my job. Getting to know patients on a personal level gives me great joy, and if I can make them feel more comfortable, I feel like I’ve done my job well.”

Lindsay Larson

Medical Records
Years of experience: 9

“At Summit OB/GYN, I thoroughly enjoy working with such compassionate doctors. It’s great to be at a practice where everyone works together to make sure our patients receive excellent care.”

Kelly Phipps

Patient Billing
Years of experience: 12

“Working with patients on the financial side of healthcare carries great responsibility that I take very seriously. I hope to always be able to answer patient questions and help them feel informed. Being pregnant with my own three children was a special time in my life, and I’m happy to be part this miraculous journey with other women.”

Rochelle Rice

Physician Liaison
Years of experience: 1

“My job is to form relationships with other medical practices. People tend to remember me because I smile a lot, and I enjoy connecting with others. My role also allows for a great deal of creativity, which gives me a lot of satisfaction.”