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Pregnancy is a life changing experience for both the mom and dad. Naturally, the mom experiences the changes with her body as the baby grows and develops. As a dad-to-be, you may be wondering what’s the best way to stay involved during this whole process. Here are a few ideas below:


5 Tips To Stay Involved Throughout The Pregnancy

  1. Take time to attend the prenatal appointments. You may not be able to make it to all of the appointments, but attending as many as possible makes the growing bump a little more real as you see the progress. Hearing the heartbeat and seeing your baby on the ultrasound is powerful bonding experience. If unable attend, be sure to add each of the appointments to the calendar to follow up with how the appointment goes.
  2. Be Involved with the Registry + Research/Build Baby items. With a new baby, comes the need for a registry and a handful of baby items to make life easier. Decide if you work better as couple to choose the registry items or if you guys can divide and conquer. Split up the items needed for baby, research, read reviews and then share with your partner your take on the best stroller, highchair and thermometer. Or your strength may be more with building things. You can assemble the crib or even build something unique to welcome your little one’s arrival.
  3. Take a Prenatal Class Together. There can be some worry and nerves as the delivery date approaches. Taking a prenatal class together can ease a lot of those nerves and help approach the process as a team.
  4. Talk to Baby. Your baby can hear sounds outside of the womb. It’s never too early to start reading, singing and talking to your child. Research shows that a male voice with deep tones will penetrate into the womb, which will be recognized after birth.
  5. Connect as a Couple. Things will be quite busy once baby arrives. Enjoy the time leading up to this by finding ways to connect. A great way could be to download a pregnancy app on your phone, tracking the growth and development together. You could help get ahead of the game by reading a parenting book together. If you’ve done all that, carve out some time to watching a relaxing movie together or go out for a quiet dinner. Building a connection before baby comes will help to keep you on the same page during the newborn stage.