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MonaLisa Touch may be the solution that you didn’t know existed



Menopause isn’t the only factor stacked up against vaginal health and the ability to enjoy intimacy. Cancer treatment or procedures such as an oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries) also reduce estrogen levels, which in turn causes a decrease in tissue thickness and lubrication. This health issue can make the idea of sex unappealing for many women, and even negatively impact self-esteem and lifestyle.


The first line of treatment for vaginal atrophy are over-the-counter and prescription lubricants. They can offer temporary relief. But now that advanced treatments such as MonaLisa Touch are available, more women are choosing this long-term solution to restore vaginal health.


What to Expect


The MonaLisa Touch treatment itself takes 5 minutes, performed in-office. Most women receive three treatments, six weeks apart. Because there’s no downtime associated with the treatment, you can be in and out with minimal disruption to your day.




At Summit OB/GYN, our purpose is to help achieve your best health. With these advanced laser treatments, you can restore vaginal health and experience the lasting results with MonaLisa Touch.