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Women’s healthcare needs change significantly throughout her lifetime, from family planning to menopause. The board-certified physicians at Summit OB/GYN provide compassionate and comprehensive obstetrical and gynecological care to women at every age.

Annual well-woman exams provide an excellent opportunity to educate our patients about preventive care or help them with any ongoing or new issues; early detection is the best protection against many women’s health issues. During your initial visit, our doctors will build a foundation of quality OB/GYN care by taking time to understand your personal and family medical history. We will also discuss any immediate concerns you have before beginning our physical exam.

Teens and young adults

Preventive care, screening and education helps young women maintain optimal reproductive wellness and understand the risks of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), teenage pregnancy, weight issues and eating disorders. We recommend yearly well-woman exams after age 21, however we are happy to help preteens and teenagers with cycle problems, birth control or STDs.

Adults (over 21 years old)

Adult women have unique healthcare needs as it pertains to fertility, birth control, pregnancy and childbirth. Women’s health also extends to their higher rate of non-reproductive health issues, including: cardiovascular disease, mental illness, diabetes and osteoporosis.

Adults (over 45 years old)

Women’s healthcare needs change again as they age and become anxious about the effects of aging on their bodies. They need compassionate, caring doctors who can help them through menopause, sexual health issues and other conditions like osteoporosis prevention and treatment.

Adults (over 65 years old)

Women over age 65 face many unique health challenges, including urinary incontinence, increased risk for infection, depression, cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

For more information about well-woman care in Gillette, WY, or to schedule an appointment, contact Summit OB/GYN at 307-682-6263. We are ready to partner with you and help maintain your overall health.