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A woman’s estrogen declines following childbirth, menopause or cancer treatments, which can cause itching, burning, pain during intercourse and mild urinary incontinence. MonaLisa Touch® helps restore vaginal health by stimulating collagen production to rehydrate and restore functional tissues.

MonaLisa Touch is a revolutionary, nonsurgical, effective vaginal rejuvenation treatment that can be done in as little as 15 minutes with very minimal side effects. Most women will need three treatments and an annual maintenance treatment if their symptoms return.

How does it work?

MonaLisa Touch uses a nonsurgical laser to quickly and painlessly remove a tiny area of tissue inside the vaginal wall. This creates a tiny pinhole, which causes the body to repair the damage with new, healthy tissue. This results in rejuvenated, elastic, healthy tissue with better blood flow, improved sexual and urinary function. The laser requires three initial treatments followed by a single treatment for annual maintenance.

Side effects of MonaLisa Touch

Some women have reported minor redness, swelling and tenderness following the treatment, which lasts for a day or two. To allow your body to recover from the treatment, the specialists at Summit OB/GYN advise waiting a few days after the procedure before resuming any sexual activity.

Benefits of MonaLisa Touch

Many women have reported improved sexual satisfaction following MonaLisa Touch, as well as other functional improvements. This treatment helps:

  • Increase tissue quality and elasticity
  • Increase lubrication
  • Increase blood flow to the vagina
  • Improve vulvar and vaginal sensitivity
  • Improve self-confidence and sexual pleasure
  • Normalize vaginal pH and reduce recurrent infections
  • Improve urinary incontinence
  • Eliminate pain during intercourse

To find out more about MonaLisa Touch in Gillette, WY, contact Summit OB/GYN at 307-682-6263. Our compassionate, board-certified doctors are ready to restore your vaginal health using MonaLisa Touch with the utmost professionalism and care.