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In addressing women’s healthcare needs, obstetrics and gynecology are different but connected. Because gynecologists and obstetricians work with the female reproductive system, many physicians pair these medical specialties to become obstetricians and gynecologists or OB/GYNs.

OB/GYNs can serve as consultants to other physicians or can be primary physicians for women. OB/GYNs can also conduct vital screenings for cancer, treat infections and perform surgery for pelvic organ or urinary tract problems.

Differences between obstetrics and gynecology

These two medical fields provide specialized care for women, but there are significant differences between them:

  • Obstetrics – Obstetricians focus on all aspects of pregnancy, post-natal/post-partum care and delivery. These doctors often support other areas of female reproduction, from fertility treatments to fetal diagnostic procedures to lending guidance to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Obstetricians deliver babies via vaginal birth and Cesarean (surgical) section.
  • Gynecology – Gynecologists specialize in caring for women’s reproductive organs, such as the uterus, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries and vagina. A gynecologist performs pap smears, treats conditions like uterine or vaginal infections and fertility problems, and performs tubal ligations and hysterectomies. 

Finding an OB/GYN you can trust and rely on is paramount to staying as healthy as possible. Think about it: Your OB/GYN will address some of the most important and intensely private health issues of your life, such as family planning, sexual health, childbirth and menopause. The good news is, there are three highly qualified, caring OB/GYNs offering board-certified care for all your health needs, including obstetric care in Gillette, WY. 

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For every stage of your life, from general health to the joy of pregnancy, through menopause and beyond, the dedicated doctors at Summit OB/GYN are here for you. Put a wealth of experience, advanced, minimally invasive surgical techniques and unwavering compassion behind your good health.

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